Embryo Products

ProGentus embryos are designed to create value for producers and provide solutions that ultimately maximize profitability.

Embryos can provide further opportunities to create value in a single generation, including:

  • Changing breeds
  • Maintaining continual heterosis/F1 animals
  • Maximizing genetic progress
  • Producing pure beef animals for terminal or replacement markets
Embryo Products
  • Frozen DT embryos produced with female sexed semen 
  • Holstein & Jersey donor dams 
  • Donors genomic tested and verified as A2A2 
  • All donors rank in the top 1% of their breed for NM$ 
  • Holstein, Jersey, and F1 Holstein-Jersey embryos available 
  • A2A2 with elite genetic levels 
Custom Embryo Production
  • Produce embryos from your own elite donors 
  • Multiply the best A2A2 genetics in your herd 
  • The most advanced IVF production system in the industry 
  • Services available at 50+ locations nationwide 
  • Commercial pricing available

Embryo Products for Dairy Producers

Embryo Products for Beef Producers