Dairy Embryos

Embryos designed with the Dairy Producer in mind

GenPure – Purebred Embryos

GenPure™ Embryos provide MAXIMUM genetic progress. In ONE generation.

ProGentus GenPure™ Embryos: 
  • Provide years of genetic advancement in a single generation
  • Are selected by BOTH the sire and dam, which means the parent average for Net Merit may be higher than most of the A.I. pregnancies in your herd. 
  • Result in 90% female calves. 
  • Both sire and dam are highly-selected for not only butterfat and protein yield, but also fertility, health, and longevity. 
GENPURE EMBRYOS – for the production of replacement females:

GenPure™ Embryos are purebred embryos produced from high-genetic merit males AND females.

Embryo options: 

Purebred Holstein
Purebred Jersey

GenPlus – Hybrid F1 Embryos

GENPLUS™ EMBRYOS – for production of replacement females:

GenPlus™ Embryos allow you to harness the power of superior genetics of two breeds from the highest genetic value males AND females.

Embryo options:

Holstein x Jersey


Producing a higher-premium product in the beef industry requires strong attention to genetics, including carcass traits and feed efficiency. Maximize your revenue by using GenProfit™ beef embryos sired by industry-leading Leachman-ProGentus bulls.

What makes Progentus GenProfit™ embryos better than the rest?

  • An opportunity for the dairy industry to produce a consistent, year-round supply of 100% beef, high-genetic merit calves for the feedlot industry. 
  • The ability to purchase optimal beef genetics at an economical price.
  • A program supported by Trans Ova Genetics teams and technology.
  • Comprised of 100% beef genetics.
  • Produced from a consistent source of maternal genetics.
    • Angus-based females that are still in production.
    • Sourced from High Plains region, known for consistently producing the highest-valued feeder calves.
  • Produced using elite $Feeder sires from Leachman Cattle of Colorado
    • Selected for feedlot growth, carcass merit, feed conversion, and calving ease.

GenProfit™ sires are selected using Leachman Cattle of Colorado’s proven financial index, $Feeder. 

This index accurately values the 3 major profit drivers in the feedlot: 

  • feed efficiency
  • red meat yield
  • carcass value

$Feeder gives you an unfair advantage in making your dairy cross cattle the most profitable feeder cattle they can be! 

Looking for custom genetics that are tailored directly to your program?

Our team can provide consultation on a custom embryo program that results in genetics that create value for producers and provide solutions that ultimately maximize profitability.